Judith is a lifelong facilitator of transformation, shapeshifter and shamanic healer. A bridge between the mundane and the sacred. An embodiment of joy for life in all its colours. She deeply loves and cares for Nature and all creatures. Her commitment is to bring balance both to our beautiful planet and individual lives.

In her “Earth Era Blog” she writes about her dream of a new era of thriving, wellbeing and kindness where nature and mankind truly are in balance.

The Rose Sanctuary and its Fibonacci-inspired symbol is Judith’s visual interpretation of this new Earth Era. Balance requires straight lines and spirals in equal measure. But it’s the imperfection that brings forth the beauty.

At the same time the Rose Sanctuary is a metaphor for the individual garden of life each of us is responsible for. In her shamanic practice she becomes the impeccable compassionate mirror of how a client cares for their garden.

Each client experience is different depending on the intention they set. Some may wish to address a pressing question, recurring patterns or simply understand what’s going on in their life. Others wish to explore transformation through change, creating something new or letting go to make room for a new beginning.

In Judith’s own garden of life many spiralling pathways meet: Communication and creativity are her passion and work. For more than 20 years she’s been known internationally as journalist, TV presenter and event host for business, finance and geopolitics. Her breakthrough as actress on the big screen was in “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”. She’s also an accredited mediator, a Green councillor, a philosophical activist for the sustainability transformation and trained Kundalini yoga teacher.

More recently after joining the Songwriter’s Journey with the Brothers Koren Judith discovered her talent as artist and songwriter. Her first ever song “The Queen” will be published on the Summer Solstice 21 June 2022.

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